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CBA Canadian Legal Conference webcast

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I had the opportunity to present the keynote address on August 13th to the Annual Conference of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association in Vancouver, BC.
The CCCA is an interesting organization for many reasons, in part because they are still a section within the Canadian Bar Association, rather than a separate organization with distinct governance and funding.  Since the New Normal requires better alignment between GCs and firms, the CCCA should be organizationally in a better position to deliver on that.

It was a mixed audience of inhouse and firm folks.  At the beginning of the talk, I asked for a show of hands:                           

"How many folks think Richard Susskind is right, that law is in a period of  accelerating, technology-driven change...and how many think 'we've been hearing this for a long time and nothing has changed'?   

About 70% said Susskind was right and 25% said we'd been hearing about it for a long time.
Obviously my talk (available ___ - unfortunately a repeat + slides, not the live talk) tried to lay out the case that change is happening and accelerating, and so at the end I came back to the same question - 90%+ agreed that change was indeed underway."

Have a listen and reach your own conclusion and share your thoughts.

In parallel, the Canadian Bar Association announced an initiative examining the future of the legal profession http://www.clc-post.org/wordpress/?p=611  which will be led by Fred Headon, an inhouse lawyer @ AirCanada and a leader the of CCCA.   According to Fred, “If we don’t invent the future, others will.”
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